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Courses & Equipment Reviews

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Why are there 14 golf clubs In a bag and what do they all do?

Why Are There 14 Golf Clubs In A Bag And What Do...

Why Are There 14 Golf Clubs In A Bag And What Do They All Do? According to the rules of golf we are all allowed to carry a maximum of fourteen clubs in your...

Golf Clubs | How cast iron clubs are made.

Golf Clubs | How It's Made

Golfers use different kinds of clubs for different types of shots. Woods for long distance shots, putters to gently roll the ball into the cup, and irons for...

John McDowell has sent us a link to view Banbridge Golf Club, a must visit up north when we get back golfing after this lockdown is over.

Banbridge Golf Club

Banbridge Golf Club is situated in the heart of beautiful County Down countryside.

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